Holy Communion Guidelines for Sunday

For those with physical disabilities. 

Fr. Geoffrey will personally visit you in your homes or wherever you are staying. Please ask a family member to call Sr. Celine at the office from 10am-3pm at 510-741-4900 so that you can register the name of your family member who wants to be visited by me and receive the Holy Communion.

Guidelines for Receiving Holy Communion on

Sunday from 1pm - 2:00pm


RESTROOMS and CANDLE ROOMS will not be available during this time.

Sanitation Guidelines:

1.       Mask must be worn at all times except when you receive the Holy Communion. Then put it back on after.

2.       Follow the protocol of social distancing (remain 6 feet apart from everyone).

3.       Before you come in the church, please sanitize your hands. Have your own sanitizer!

4.       Avoid touching anything in the church.

5.       Restrooms are not available during this time.

6.       You will be invited to receive communion by the hand as a precautionary measure understanding that this Coronavirus is very deadly. It is common sense and responsible thing to do. However, if you decide to receive the communion by mouth, by Canon law, you are entitled to. Communion cannot be received wearing gloves.

7.       If you have a fever, cough, sore throat please do not come.

Guidelines to receive communion:


1.       Especially important! Please attend the mass on our YouTube Channel or on our Facebook page live at 18 am. Although I have no way of knowing whether you have attended the mass or not, it is important that you do. I will ask the catchphrase which I will give during mass that Sunday.

2.       Please prepare your heart before you receive our Lord in the Holy Communion! While waiting in your car, you can listen to music or pray. It is of most important that you to do this

3.       Park the car and line up at the back door on Plum St. markers will be on the ground for social distancing.

4.       When you come in, the usher will open the door for you. You will be instructed where to go and stand.

5.       After you have received the Holy Communion, you will exit through the side door by the candle room. Someone will be there to guide you.

6.       Go to your car right away to give way for other people to park their car.

7.       Make this a very orderly and beautiful experience for you and everybody!



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