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Pastor's Messages from Father Geoffrey Baraan


July 30/31, 2022

       My dear friends in Christ,

Two weeks from now, Monday, August 15th, the whole Church celebrates the Feast of the Assumption. Until now many people, including many Catholics, continue to have resistance about this teaching of the church.

While there is no direct biblical evidence for the Assumption, the Church has long held, on the basis of theological reasoning and Tradition (teachings and practices that were handed down), the implicit belief in Our Lord’s taking his mother to himself from the moment of her passage from this life, since she is declared “full of grace” or “highly favored daughter” of God the Father.

In the only declared exercise of papal infallibility in the 20th century, Pope Pius XII, after consultation with all the bishops of the Catholic Church, on November1, 1950, proclaimed the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary a doctrine of Faith. The dogma states that Mary was taken up body and soul into heaven, after the completion of her earthly life, since by reason of her Immaculate Conception she should not suffer the consequences of original sin.

The feast of the Assumption was celebrated by Christians as early as the 7th century.

In honor of Carol, I am sharing this faith understanding because as we all know, she was very devoted in the faith formation of our children.

Carol was very committed, dedicated, and creative teacher of the faith. She was always thinking about many ways on how to engage our children in deepening their faith and their understanding of our God.

Speaking of our Virgin Mother, she will be visiting us on August 16 and 17. The INTERNATIONAL PILGRIM IMAGE of OUR LADY OF FATIMA will be here during those two days. We are blessed and humbled by this visit of our Virgin Mother. I invite all of you and be part of this moment in our Christian faith.

In times of distress and despair, God always sends a messenger to tell us of his comforting and healing love. In Mary, she has been that sign of God’s presence of hope in despair and light in darkness. God is our REFUGE! We must remain with him! He assures us that he will always be there for us.

With Carol’s death, the community is in distress, in darkness but we know that we will be delivered through God’s powerful mercy and love.

In Christ’s peace,

Fr. Geoffrey

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