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Pastor's Messages from Father Geoffrey Baraan


My dear friends in Christ,

Today ends our Christmas season on the feast day of the Lord’s baptism. This is very significant in the life of the Lord and in the life of the church!
His baptism is the prologue to his life, demonstrating that He is the chosen Christ to inaugurate the coming of the Kingdom.

His baptism at the river Jordan is to begin his public ministry. He will heal the sick, ask for repentance and forgiveness of sins!

In the gospel, Jesus was revealed as the “beloved Son!” He will be an obedient Son who will endure many challenges as he proclaims the kingdom of God!

The feast of the Lord’s Baptism serves to remind us of our own baptism.
After Jesus was baptized by John, right away he got out of the water to tell the world the Good News. He didn’t hesitate! He went right into the world accompanied by his dedication and obedience to the will of the Father!
We are challenged to do the same! We are compelled to get out of the waters of baptism through the door of our church into the world to tell the story of the Good News, feeding the hungry, giving water to the thirsty, visiting the sick, and giving shelter to the homeless.

Christ must be followed! We are not to look the other way when he is calling us but ready to go with him into the world that is need of love and mercy!
Right now, there is greater urgency for us to do this. There is so much division and darkness. In the name of Jesus, we must be the light of hope and peace!

As you know, the Coronavirus, with this Omicron variant, is creating again fear and worries in our human community! Please do everything to do your part. We must be vigilant and responsible. It is our Christian duty to be part of solution. This is not the time of selfisness and arrogance and ignorance. But a time to put love first. Love God in our neighbor. Protect yourself and your neighbors! No regrets, please!

Know that you are in my prayers!

Fr. Geoffrey

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